Video Shows Robot Saving a Little Girl From Being Crushed

This is the moment a Russian robot saves a girl from being crushed – despite its makers claiming they did not programme it to do that.

Footage from Perm Polytechnic University, in central Russia, shows Promobot – a ‘self-teaching’ robot – stopping a set of shelves from falling on a little girl after she tried to climb on them.

This is not the first time Promobot has been caught on camera doing seemingly incredible things – such as escaping from its testing site and answering complex questions – but the company has been hit with claims of fakery.

In the video, Promobot can be seen sitting in a lobby area of the university on an open day as visitors mill about. Then a girl, apparently unaccompanied by an adult, runs over and starts climbing up a set of shelves stacked with boxes. As she climbs the robot rolls forward, raising an arm which stops the selves from falling over just as they begin toppling.

Oleg Kivokurtsev, manager of robotics company ‘Promobot’ said: ‘We were preparing to the graduation ceremony which should have been opened by our robot. We planed he would congratulate the graduate students and remind them that future is for robots.’

The robot’s owner said the girl’s savior was a ‘pure coincidence’ as it is equipped with a ‘mirror mode’ which enables it to emulate human action.