Video Of Car-Eating Dog Goes Viral

A video of a dog biting and pulling off an automobile’s front fender earlier in November went viral and garnered millions of views. The 4-minute, 35-second video ends when an animal control officer arrives and carefully approaches the dog with a catch pole.

And although the video has thousands of comments with almost as many interpretations – both for and against the dog, as well as some rather disrespectful remarks for the owner of the car, the Dalton Police are hoping to clear up some of the inaccuracies since the situation first occurred.

The vehicle’s owner, Jessica Dilallo; showing the dog trying to tear off the bumper of her new car. In reality, who wouldn’t be upset to see a dog ripping apart one’s new auto, and Dilallo went live on Facebook pleading with Dalton Police Lieutenant Matthew Locke to do something to the dog to stop him from destroying her car. Surely when Dilallo demanded the police officer shoot or throw rocks at the dog, that upset the social media crowd. The officer, however refused, telling Jessica the dog was not being aggressive to humans. When the officer pulled up, the dog ran right up to the window of the police vehicle, checked out the officer and then returned to attacking the car’s bumper.

Locke assures her that animal control is on the way, and the dog would be safely stopped. Lt. Locke had made the decision not to pull the dog away from the vehicle himself so as not to antagonize the animal.

Animal Control used a makeshift catch pole to subdue the dog; fortunately the pup was not injured, and police were able to locate the pooch’s owner, Ben Bonds, who agreed to pay for Dilallo’s car damages. Mr. Bonds was issued a warning to keep his dog under control.