Unresponsive Man Living In Nursing Home Has Incredible Breakthrough

Something transcendent happens when you’re wrapped in the beautiful waves of sound. Henry Dryer may know this better than anyone. Dryer, a nursing home resident of over ten years and a sufferer of dementia, was 92 years old when he was introduced to this groundbreaking therapy at Cobble Hill Health Center in Brooklyn, NY.

To help combat this condition, Dr. Sacks partnered with Cobble Hill’s recreation therapist Yvonne Russell to introduce music therapy into Dryer’s treatment. After adding music back into his life, they witnessed Dryer’s rigid, unresponsive figure loosen and become more enlivened. Footage of the study shows how drastically Dyer’s demeanor changes after listening to music even just for a few moments. He not only shuffles his feet, and waves his arms around, but also starts responding to questions.

Watch the extraordinary transformation and share your thoughts with us.