Two Family Members Win Big On The Lottery; Instantly Threaten Each Other With Court Over Amount

A Canadian family has been torn apart following a $1.2 million lotto victory in Nova Scotia.

Barbara Reddick and her nephew, Tyrone MacInnis, posed for cameras with their giant check and massive new fortune, but the two family members are now feuding over the win.

She admits she asked him to put his name on the ticket for good luck, but said the two never had an agreement to split the $1.2-million jackpot.

Reddick says she bought the ticket. Her nephew claims they had agreed to split the earnings if they won big, but she says otherwise, according to reports.

“It was my ticket,” she said at the ceremony. “I bought the ticket and now he’s trying to lie and say I said split. I said split with the 50/50, not with no Chase the Ace.”

She then told her nephew, “See you in court!”

“I’m taking him to court,” she told reporters. “I’m getting a lawyer tomorrow. Now you can print that.”

“I put his name on the ticket for good luck because he’s like a son to me — he was,” she said. “He was lucky, but not for half a million dollars.”