Two American Tourists Fight In Nevis Over A Beach Umbrella

Footage has emerged of two US tourists fighting over beach chairs and an umbrella on the Caribbean island of Saint Kitts.

In the video, a man wearing a yellow shirt and backpack is complaining about not getting a seat at the beach to staff.

A man in a white baseball cap and white top seated at a picnic-style table under a straw umbrella by the beach tells the man with the backpack to “shut the f**k up. Just shut up and sit down. You’d think they f**king robbed you!”

The other man responds: “They did!”

“No, they didn’t. They didn’t give you a f**king chair and an umbrella. You got everything else. Just shut the f**k up and sit down,’ the man says.

“We can discuss it a little differently,” the backpack-wearing man says, approaching the table. He then appears to spill the other man’s drink.