He Tries To Buy His Late Dad’s Squad Car. When He’s Outbid, Watch The Man In The Cowboy Hat

Tanner Brownlee lost his father to the line of duty when he was a young man. It’s hard for anyone to lose a family member, but for someone who was as close to his father, and at such an impressionable age as Tanner was at the time… it took a huge blow.

His father, Sam, was killed after an intense chase, and ever since, his family’s life hasn’t been the same. All Tanner and his brother have left are old photographs and some material possessions. Tanner keeps his father’s old leather motorcycle jacket, but it doesn’t fit him. He really just wants something that he can use on a daily basis that will keep his father close to him at all times.

When he found out his father’s old squad car was going to police auction, he started a GoFundMe to help raise enough to win it in an auction. On the day of, he wasn’t quite sure how to proceed. With high hopes, he started bidding. Unfortunately, he was quickly outbid by a man standing in the far back. But when the man comes up to collect his prize? Tanner bursts into tears after what this man does next.