Train Driver’s Warning Helps Save Passengers Of An Impending Crash At 110km

A train driver managed to save carriages full of people from being badly injured after he spotted a lorry on the tracks ahead, and risked his life to warn his passengers.

Incredible footage captures the moment he sped down the aisle warning passengers of the impending crash.

It also shows the point of impact, as the train smashes into the lorry which was straddling the tracks in Poland.

The driver can first be seen on the video dashing into a carriage, startling around a dozen passengers. He runs between the sets of red seats, and before passengers have time to wonder why he isn’t in the cabin, he appears to shout to them

The train is travelling through a rural area of of the country, and as the two vehicles collide the lorry breaks apart and skids into a field.

Another camera on the front of the train shows a different angle of the impact, and shows that the tail end of the long lorry was in the impact zone.