This Towering 24-Foot Lego Crane Can Actually Move This Guy’s Furniture Around

This almighty toy crane stands at about 10 feet tall and takes up half the size of a large living room. And it’s so strong it can lift a wooden chair off the floor with ease.

Dawid Szmandra of Poland created this giant 24 foot tall fully functioning remote controlled model of a Liebherr LR 11000 crane. The creation is a scaled down model of a Liebherr crane which is 24 times smaller than the real thing, but still weighs a whopping 60 pounds.

Controlled by a small remote switch pad with a range of complex functions, the crane can be directed at the flick of a switch. The keypad tells the user the weight of the item the crane is lifting and how this corresponds to the load it is able to lift as a percentage.

Other features include a winch mounted on springs and a light sensor which measures travel distance. Made 99.9% of LEGO, exceptions are PRINTED pulley wheels, stickers, strings. Slewing ring is made 100% of LEGO.