Tiger Who Spent Entire Life In Cruel Circus Rescued And Freed

After spending his entire life in captivity and forced to perform in a circus, Hoover the tiger is finally free from his cage.

When Peru banned wild animals in circuses in 2011, many circuses defied the law, hiding their animals away from authorities. However, over the past few years, Animal Defenders International (ADI) has been working to track down and rescue the animals.

The international rescue group has saved animals like Hoover before, such as when they saved Mufasa the Mountain Lion from similar circumstances.

After receiving an anonymous tip about the circus that had Hoover, ADI chased the circus for months until they finally found the tiger.

Hoover, now 12 years old, was the last of 12 tigers that were part of the circus. Secret footage of Hoover shows the life he endured before he was rescued.

He was trained with whips and sticks and lived in a small cage, but now he’s living in a beautiful natural woodland with his own pool at Big Cat Rescue in Florida.