Are You One Of Those Bros Who Can Never Tell If “She’s Into You”? Watch This Brilliant Guide

Picking up on relationship signals and knowing whether or not ‘she’s into you’ seems to come incredibly easy for some bros. For others (clueless bros) it seems like a chick could show up naked on the front doorstep (handcuffs and lube in hand), and clueless bros would think she just got locked out of her house and needed help.

If you’re one of those bros who can never tell when she’s sending you positive signals then this video was made for you. It comes to us by way of ‘Casually Explained’, a YouTube channel whose tagline is:

‘If you’re looking for the answers to life’s questions and Wikipedia was under scheduled maintenance, look no further, Casually Explained is here to help.’

Well, if that sounds too good to be true it’s because it probably is.