This Woman Couldn’t Decide Which Dog To Adopt, So She Bought The Entire Shelter!

Danielle Eden, the cofounder of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, has visited many animal shelter all around the world.

She has rescued many dogs from those shelters, especially the ones who needs help most. And she brings them to the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in Ontario.

But her visit to a dog shelter in Israel was very different. Every dog in there was in dire need of help, she couldn’t decide which of the dogs she would choose to save.

It was by far the worst shelter she has ever seen. Imagine 250 dogs being crammed into a space that is meant to hold just 70 dogs.

The shelter was infested with rats. And the dogs fought over every little piece of food given to them.

So instead of choosing one dog to adopt, she decided to adopt them all. She bought the entire shelter, and she was determined to find loving homes for every single dog in there.

Check out the video below and Danielle and the team’s efforts in saving these poor dogs.