This Unfortunate NASA Astronaut Left His SD Card On Earth

Astronauts are undoubtedly skilled at operating some of the most advanced machines ever created by man. Heck, they can even shoot with Nikon d5s. But using an action camera in space? Well, that’s another story.

“I was pushing the button, and I see a NO SD,” the astronaut asked while fumbling with what appears to be a GoPro Hero 4 in space. “That means do I need that to record?”

Now, we’re not trying to humiliate Mr. Spaceman here, but the moment is just hilarious. And whoever is in charge of NASA’s social media handles thinks so too. On Twitch, they decided to even title the clip ‘Left SD card at home LUL.’ Yes, you read that right. NASA has its own Twitch account now.

Here’s a live stream clip showing a NASA astronaut asking Houston a vital question about his GoPro: