This Teenager’s ‘Fake Proposal’ Prank Is Worth It For Her Dad’s Brilliant Reaction Alone

There are April Fool’s pranks, and then there are April Fool’s pranks that work out so perfectly that you just have to share them with the world.

Indeed, over 5 million people have watched the prank that high school student Savannah Ajas pulled off in recent days, and it’s not hard to see why.

Ajas staged a ‘fake proposal’ in front of her boyfriend, with the rest of her family reacting in astonishment – but her dad is not one bit happy, and he doesn’t care about hiding it, either.

In fact, he practically runs the full gamut of human emotions in the space of a minute and twenty-three seconds, from shock to disbelief to despair to eventual relief (we can’t see his face, but you know it’s there).

Watch it below: