This Pizza Soup Will Cure Your Winter Blues

A genius idea came to light during a conversation in a California Barbershop that prompted Foodbeast’s Geoffrey Kutnick to create the ultimate Pizza Soup.

Kutnick was discussing lunch plans at El Catrin Barbershop at the time. One barber had a craving for soup. The other mentioned pizza and voila, pizza soup was born.

Kutnick’s idea combined all the essentials of your favorite pizza with the warmth and comfort soup gives during those cold winter nights. He took a simple tomato soup recipe and spiced it up a bit with bacon, vegetables, bay leaves and more.

To create the ultimate experience, once ready the soup was poured into individual French onion soup bowls and topped with a mound of mozzarella and gruyere cheese and pepperoni before the final step: broiling in the oven.

The result is a delicious, mouthwatering concoction sure to please even the pickiest of taste buds while taking the chill from the air on even the coldest of nights.