This Looks Like a Handicap Spot, And It Is. But Try To Park In It Without a Sticker

In a common parking lot, you will come across many types of parking jerks. There’s the person who takes up two spaces, the person who parks on a diagonal, and the person who parks so close to your vehicle you have to enter your car through the passenger’s side.

However, the biggest jerk of all is the person who completely disregards the handicapped parking spot sign and steals the spot from someone who actually needs to use it.

Usually no one does anything about it, and it’s becoming a huge problem. In Russia, the problem is so bad that over 30% of all drivers take handicapped spots, and it needs to stop!

In order to combat this growing issue, a nonprofit organization called has come up with a creative way to stop spot stealers in their tracks. As many of these people choose to ignore the flat sign, Dislife has created a 3D projection that pops up if someone tries to park in the spot without a handicapped sticker.