This Is What Excessive Drinking Really Does To Your Liver

A shocking video has revealed exactly how drinking alcohol can wreck your liver – and leave you at risk of death.

In the clip, twin sisters are shown a healthy liver and one of someone who died of cirrhosis – scarring of the organ, which can be fatal.

The healthy liver looks smooth and a rich reddish-brown colour – but the diseased organs appears rough and grey in comparison and has dark spots of scarring.

Aired on TV show Dr Drew’s Lifechangers in the US, gasps from the crowd can be heard when the livers are revealed. One of the twins even appears close to tears.

It was hoped the revelation would convince the twins to cut down on boozing. The pair admitted to drinking far too much – a major cause of cirrhosis.

Celebrity doctor Drew Pinsky, who hosts the show, explains to the women and the audience how the diseased liver is ‘full of scar’ and is ‘a mess’.