This Famous Grocery Chain Just Used the Worst Song in the World to Brilliant Effect

French supermarket Monoprix has taken it upon itself to imagine what the worst song in the world might sound like, in a spot designed to promote its customised delivery service.

Aptly named ‘The Worst Song in the World’ (or ‘La Pire Chanson Du Monde’ in French), the grocer’s latest creative follows a young girl walking the streets while listening to music. Her gentle acoustic tunes are suddenly interrupted by a kitsch, electro-rock song reminiscent of decades (and tastes) gone by.

Dressed in a shell suit and surrounded by bad perms, pixelated green screen backdrops and even a keytar, the band’s singer questions why the ad’s protagonist just doesn’t skip the terrible song. It transpires she can’t fast forward as her hands are full, carrying her grocery shopping.

The endline reads: ‘Having your hands free changes everything. Shop at the store and get your groceries delivered.’

The spot was devised by Rosapark and directed by Stink’s directing collective Traktor.

“To create ‘the worst song in the world’, we had to find the musical universe that would be the farthest away from the young woman’s,” said Gilles Fichteberg, co-founder of Rosapark. “It was a clash of generations, styles, tastes.

“But we also strove to create a song that could be a guilty pleasure, the sort of song we love listening to, even if we don’t want to admit it.”