This Adele Parody Totally Nails How Miserable It Is To Get In Shape

New Year’s Day kicks off a new season of health resolutions for many people, but YouTubers Dustin and Genevieve Ahkuoi totally understand how much of a struggle those can be.

Parodying Adele’s “Hello” in their latest video, “Hella Cravings,” the couple cartwheels and lunges their way through the emotional ballad, with comical lyrics about kale, french fries, and Crossfit.

Here’s a look. The video kicks off with Genevieve struggling on the floor at the gym. As far as Adele impersonations go, she’s actually pretty excellent.

Instead of Adele’s lyric “can you hear me,” Dustin sings “can you save me,” while failing miserably at some exercises.

The video only gets funnier as it goes on. Sing this line to the tune of “Hello from the other side!”