This Ad Featuring a Girl And Her Dog Is Making The Internet Weep

Thailand has brought us yet another tearjerking commercial, and I guarantee this new one will tug on your heartstrings like no other, especially if you love dogs. In less than a month, this video has racked up nearly two million YouTube views.

This ad for Krungthai Bank tells the story of how a young woman came to become a veterinarian. She remembers the time when she feared her neighbor’s dog, Olieng. She initially thought the dog was vicious, but he was simply protective of his owner, an old woman with no other family. One day, the old woman falls ill and is rushed away on a stretcher. Every day, the girl passes by this heartbroken dog waiting for his owner to return. Olieng grows depressed and doesn’t eat — until the girl decides to start bringing him food. Finally, Olieng opens his heart to the girl and she opens her heart to Olieng. She adopts him, and they become best friends.

Every day, Olieng waits at the train for his new owner to come home from school. But on a fateful day, Olieng is no where to be seen.

What happens next will leave you grabbing for the tissues, but it’s well worth the emotional experience.