There’s a House In Taiwan That’s Built Completely Upside Down

Turns out you don’t need to take a trip to outer space or learn how to fly to start defying gravity. In fact, all you need to do is take a trip to Taiwan.

The “Upside Down Wonderland Exhibition” is the newest (and most inverted) exhibition at the the National Taiwan Science Education Center, located in Taipei.

If the bright pastel colors and dollhouse-inspired architecture weren’t enough to catch your attention, perhaps the fact that the entire house is quite literally built upside down will do the trick.

At just over 1,000 square feet, the home is furnished with real-size furniture and furnishings, all tightly screwed and built on to the ceiling.

This American-country style home is 3 stories high (or low, in this case) and includes a living room, bathroom, bedroom and even a garage (and yes, there is 100 percent a car stuck to the ceiling).

The house took around 2 months to build, its expense totaling nearly $600K in production. It’s truly something out of a storybook or animated movie, and it’s no surprise that visitors have been lining up by the hundreds in an attempt to get inside the house and take pictures.