The World’s Most Expensive Steak Is Aged 400 Days

How much would you be willing to spend on the most perfect steak of your life? If the answer is more than $1,000 USD, ‘professional carnivore’ Nick Solares will show you what you’re in for.

In a recent episode of The Meat Show, Solares visits Mu Ramen in New York’s Long Island City to eat A5, grade 12 wagyu ribeye that has been dry-aged for 400 days. The outlandish, never-before-seen steak-speriment is a bold undertaking by chef Joshua Smookler, who prepares it pan-seared, sous vide, over sushi rice, and even raw for Solares.

What makes this meat so special? While wet-aging means losing less moisture content over time, the process doesn’t condense or develop flavour nearly as well as dry-aging. The average American dry-aged steak is dried for 28 days.