The Smartest Way to Rip a Stump Out of the Ground with Your Truck

Getting rid of a stump can be a complicated and costly endeavor. You might be surprised to learn, though, that there is an easy way to do the job that costs practically nothing. All you need is a truck, a chain, and some wood to build a simple A-frame.

The stump will come out without much time or effort at all, and you won’t risk damaging your truck or yourself. The key to this method is building an A-frame to use as leverage. You can build this from scrap wood or from any strong lumber you pick up at the hardware store.

Secure the wood into a strong, tall triangle shape and place it in front of the stump. Secure the chain to your truck and position it so it goes over the top of your A-frame structure. It helps to have something attached to the top of your structure to keep the chain in position.

Then secure the chain to the stump. The last step is to slowly give the truck some gas and watch as the stump gets pulled up with relative ease.