Tesla Model S Drive (Or Swim) Through A Flooded Tunnel

With the advent of electric transport, some people are worried about what happens when an electric vehicle is submerged under water following a storm or during a flood.

There’s a misconception that somehow battery-powered cars are more subject to damages than a gasoline-powered car in this situation.

A video of a Tesla Model S driving (or swimming) passed cars with internal-combustion engines in a flooded tunnel in Kazakhstan will maybe help correct those misconceptions.

The truth is that water is bad for any type of vehicle or any mechanical and electronic device for that matter.

You simply don’t want the entire undercarriage of your vehicle to be submerged regardless of if it consists of a large battery pack or an exhaust line. In the case of the Model S, the battery pack is sealed, but there are still plenty of complications from submerging the vehicle.

Furthermore, car warranties (including Tesla’s) or insurance rarely if ever cover any damage caused by driving through flooded streets.