Terrified Cow Cries Thinking She’s Headed for Slaughter … But Her Story Has a Happy Ending

Despite what many believe, cows are extremely intelligent and emotional animals. Like humans, cows develop strong bonds with their children and have best friends. They even have special calls for the ones that they love – the same way we give our friends and family nicknames. But because these animals are typically considered “food,” and treated like commodities rather than individuals, most never get to experience these incredible bonds. Instead, they are subjected to a life filled with fear, stress, and sadness.

Emma, the cow in this video, is a perfect example of the emotive abilities of these animals. She does not know where she is heading, but having seen others before her being carted off to slaughter, the fear and dread is evident in her eyes. For most cows, the ending that Emma anticipates is unavoidable, however, thanks to the kind people at Kuhrettung farm animal sanctuary in Rhein-Burg, Germany, her story is a happy one.