Teen Fooled By Nightclub Bouncers

This student was so determined to get into a nightclub he begged for an hour with bouncers – until one snapped and took revenge by convincing him his walkie talkie was a breathalyser.

The ‘persistent’ student reportedly refused to take no for an answer when he was rejected from a nightclub in Bath, Somerset, two weeks ago for appearing too drunk.

After allegedly hanging around outside the venue for 40 minutes, one bouncer named Wesley decided to take advantage of the lad’s eagerness with a series of pranks.

Footage shows the unnamed youth repeatedly blowing into the bouncer’s walkie talkie believing it to be a breathalyser while Wesley, 34, makes fake beeping noises for three minutes.

After being told he failed, the student eventually agrees to go away and do exercise to sober up and have another go at blowing 20 mins later.