A Teacher Was Spotted Correcting Homework During Liam Gallagher’s Glastonbury Set

We understand that going to a festival such as Glastonbury is a major committment in a multitude of ways.

Not only do you need money, supplies of various kinds and the stamina to last five days in a field with 100,000 other people, but you also need to take time off work.

It seems that one particular person didn’t leave their 9-5 at the gates to Worthy Farm, however.

A fairly amusing video is doing the rounds on Twitter, that shows what is presumably a teacher casually correcting/making notes on what looks like an essay or test of some sort, while Liam Gallagher plays in the background.

Let’s hope his students don’t question the crumpled/possibly mud/beer-splattered nature of their paper when they get it back.