Suspect Applies For Job During Police Chase

Jose Jimenez was wanted for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after he allegedly ran over an officer’s foot trying to flee a traffic stop. He then led officers on a chase, eventually they ended the chase and later found his ditched car in a school parking lot.

Jimenez apparently wanted to get a jump on turning his life around when he went to Jeff Maron’s wireless store to apply for a job.

Maron had no idea of the man’s past adventures with the police and gave him a job application and then brought him into his office to talk. Maron’s employee then notified him to get out of his office and state troopers then stormed into the office with guns drawn.

According to Maron the police treated it like they were in some kind of action movie and said “You didn’t think we wouldn’t find you did ya?”

Jimenez definitely thought he was home free but now freedom won’t be a part of his vocabulary for a while!