Student Captures First Glimpse Of Trillion Ton Iceberg

A British PhD student has captured new research footage of an iceberg that weighs a staggering trillion tonnes and is quadruple the size of London has been recorded by a British PhD student during the first science flight over the newly detached iceberg.

Ella Gilbert, a PhD Antarctic research student from London, UK, filmed the world’s first ever research footage of the newly-detached A68 iceberg after it broke off from the Antarctica Peninsula in late 2017, resulting in the ice shelf losing 12 percent of its size.

The detached A68 iceberg is said to measure a whopping 5,800-square-kilometer – the size of Delaware, Norfolk, a quarter of Wales, two Luxembourgs, four Londons, or six Manhattans.

The British Antarctic Survey are the first to conduct a science flight in the hope to understand greenhouse gasses between the ocean and the atmosphere.