Soldier Dad Gets Wrapped Up As A Life-Size “G.I. Daddy” Doll To Surprise His Kids

For parents in the military, it’s important to make it home in time for the holidays, especially for their kids. If there’s any time of year meant for spending time with your family, it’s the holiday season!

To make things extra-special this Christmas, a military dad decided to surprise his kids in a very creative way. With the help of his wife, Aaron Espejo shocked his sons Aaron Jr. and Jaykob with a very large gift in the living room.

The two kids are led into the living room by their mom, where they see a big red package. She says that it’s from their dad, who can’t be home for Christmas. They start to tear open the package, directed to start unwrapping the front…

When they tear the parcel open, they see a man — their dad! In uniform, he hid behind packaging that read “GI Daddy.” Ingenious!

The kids were, of course, very excited to see their father. What an awesome surprise!