Soap Comes Through A/C Vents When Woman Takes Vehicle Through Car Wash

We’ve all probably had an incident once or twice where we were in the car wash and some of the soapy water was leaking through a window that wasn’t properly closed or the weather stripping wasn’t doing its job. Honestly car washes can cause all kinds of crazy things to happen if your car has some issues. On older cars, if you leave your antenna up, the car wash brushes will literally break the entire antenna off. All kinds of wild stuff can happen!

However, what about having soap come through your a/c vents? Seriously? Well that’s exactly what happened to the person driving their vehicle in a car wash. You can see in the video, soapy bubbles start coming through the air vents while the driver is inside the car wash. It doesn’t just stop there though, as you can see the driver driving down the road and soap just keeps coming out of the vents! Now THIS is a fail! The only logical explanation of whatever is happening here, is that the ventilation system has some kind of hole or a crack of some sorts to allow all of that soap to get through.