Snake Found Battling Giant Centipede In Vietnam

This is the moment a giant centipede takes on a large snake in an ultimate battle to the death. In the rare footage, the pair wrestle each other, attempting to bite, pin down and ultimately claim their momentary nemesis.

While the snake wraps his strong body around the massive centipede, the arthropod manages to secure its many legs on to the python.

Just as the snake adjusts its jaw to go in for the kill, the centipede fights back flipping the snake over onto its back.

The pair twirl in to a pretzel-like shape, twisting and turning until the snake loses the strength and ferocity to fight.

As the centipede takes the upper hand in the battle, it clenches tighter on to the body of the snake.

The white underbelly of the slithering reptile shows as the centipede crawls on top and appears to be gnawing at the snakes neck.

As the snake twitches in the final moments the centipede can relax, having won nature’s unlikely battle.