Smoking “Lava-bergs” Spew Into Ocean After Eruption

This is the moment a boat tour came extremely close to a smoking hot “lavaberg”, after the Kilauea Volcano eruption sent the large chunk of lava bobbing into the nearby waters.

Joshua Burbank, 49, captured the moment his boat came scarily close to the van-sized berg whilst sailing around Puna, on the east coast of Hawaii, on Monday, June 18.

For more than a month, scorching hot lava has been spewing from Kilauea Volcano’s Fissure 8, which, at times, has sent lava up to 180 meters into the air, causing drastic devastation and island evacuation.

Though Joshua’s tour boat was located a staggering six miles away from the lava entry, he was still in reaching distance of the floating mass of lava.