Sleep Under The Stars In This Open-Air Hotel In The Alps

Although the amenities available at the world’s hotel rooms vary wildly, you’re usually guaranteed four walls, a roof, and a bathroom. Not so at this open-air hotel room located in the Swiss Alps.

The Null Stern encourages guests to sleep in an exposed bed above the Swiss town of Graubünden, enjoying a panoramic view of the mountains while you doze off to the twinkle of the stars shining overhead.

Made up of just a single “room” containing a double bed, a tile floor, two end tables, and two lamps, the Null Stern is the work of the concept artists Frank and Patrick Riklin, identical twin Swiss concept artists who came up with the idea of opening hotels in unexpected spaces in 2008.

Then, it was a claustrophobic nuclear bunker, but with the latest iteration of the concept, the Riklins have gone in the opposite direction, creating a hotel without any property or structure, bringing new meaning to the act of “sightseeing.”

And this is just the first outdoor room.