Skydivers Spell “Peace” In Sky To Inspire Others

This diverse band of 48 skydivers used the sky as a canvas to spread a message of positivity, urging ‘Peace’ to be found in the world below.

When thinking of the typical skydiver, skydiving hall of famer Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, 56, believes there’s some common misconceptions about those who participate in the extreme-sport – insisting they’re not all “young adrenaline junkies” who “get off” at the thought of risking their lives.

With members of his own skydiving squad, P3, ranging from 18 and 80 in age, and coming from all different walks of “life, ethnic backgrounds, sexual preferences and professions,” according to Dan, the skydiver wanted to use his eclectic thrillseeking troops to attempt to inspire others to exist harmoniously, despite any initial differences.

Citing “recent political turmoil” as a key influence behind his vision, 48 skydivers from 14 different countries leapt from 16,500 foot under Dan’s command on June 24, over Perris, California, to spell out the word ‘PEACE’ in the sky.