The Simplest Way Out of Bed Is a Car Jack and an Impact Hammer

Self-employment is rough. One day you’re sleeping in for an extra half hour, and the next you’re staying up until 5am and realizing you haven’t seen any of your friends (or the sun) in months.

Dust and dirty dishes start to pile up. You neglect the laundry. The laundry moves in with someone else. Nothing is ever open when you’re awake and you slowly succumb to preventable diseases.

These is roughly the problems that Irish sword-builder michaelcthulhu was experiencing, so he came up with the simple and not-at-all-janky solution of attaching an impact hammer to a car jack, and then attaching the car jack to the underside of his bed.

It’s sort of like that other ejector bed, but less springy and overengineered. Plus, that look of pure, stunned confusion is worth more than any flashy pneumatics.