Silly Fish Chokes To Death Trying To Eat His Scaly Mate

A shocked fisherman filmed a monstrous 18-year-old flathead fish choking to death on another smaller fish after it attempted to devour its prey whole – but had eyes bigger than its stomach.

Michael Pool stumbled upon the unbelievable sight after embarking on his usual morning walk along the water in his hometown of Burrill Lake, New South Wales, Australia.

The 63-year-old first spotted the colossal metre-long (3ft 2in), 10kg (1st 6lbs) flathead in the water from a distance – but it was only when he ventured closer that he realised the fish had choked on a small bream.

He tried to release the small fish from the flathead’s enormous jaws but Michael said that the bream was ‘jammed too far’ and was stuck inside the flathead’s mouth, making it ‘impossible’ to dislodge from its ‘shark-like’ teeth.