Security Video Shows Baseball-Sized Hail Pound The Crap Out Of A Bunch Of New Cars

Severe storms did major damage at Mitch Smith Chevrolet in Cullman as baseball-sized hail severely damaged 380 new vehicles. Security camera video shows the large hail taking out car windows and exploding as it hits the pavement.

According to owner Sharon Smith, only three or four vehicles on the lot out of nearly 400 did not have any damage. Some of the most expensive vehicles, such as Corvettes, were stored in the company’s service bays but there was not room for many other vehicles.

If you go to 0:34, you can see the moment where that middle Camaro gets its rear window shattered; the one on the right is already broken.

The hail lasted about 20 minutes, and in that time nearly 400 cars were damaged. And, no, you can’t get a fantastic, hail-damage deal, at least not until the insurance adjusters come and look at everything and shake their heads and pray, pray, pray to the almighty Ice Gods, in their Crystalline Castle, to have pity on us warn humans.