Scottish Man Struggles With The Worst Bagpipes Ever Made

A hilarious video has emerged of a son in hysterics after his father failed miserably to play the bagpipes.

While on holiday in Glasgow, Ed Reilly’s father decided to honour authentic Scottish culture by giving the instrument a blow.

Despite the bagpipes being a notoriously difficult instrument to master, Ed’s father looked hopeful that a bit of beginner’s luck might help him to show off a hidden talent.

On the third try, a feeble horn note crept out of the end of the pipes, which became louder and more high-pitched as Ed snorted with laughter behind the camera. The giggles were infectious and Ed’s father soon lost his grip on the pipes as a result of laughing so much.

Each time he drew breath, the pipes let out a rude-sounding low-pitched toot, which set the hysterical laughter off again.