Scientists Just Captured The First-Ever Sawfish Birth On Film And It’s Incredible

Sawfish are well-known for their prominent nose extensions that resemble a saw protruding from their face. As fascinating as these marine mammals are, they’ve found themselves listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as endangered or critically endangered.

Sawfish are largely endangered due to overfishing and poaching for their rostrums (noses). This has lead conservation organizations to fight to designate numerous protected zones around the world.

Dr. Dean Grubbs, an ecologist at Florida State University, spends a good deal of time studying and tagging sawfish with his research group in order to gain insight about these elusive animals. On a recent expedition, however, they stumbled upon a sawfish that appeared to be different than others…

Amazingly, Dr. Grubbs and his team were able to capture the entire birth—a historic moment—on video. Just look at those adorable babies!