Scamming The Scammer: Woman Turns Tables On Phone Scam

How do you scam a scammer? Just ask Dawn Belmonte. After a scammer left Belmonte a voicemail she decided to try something new. She called them back, and surprisingly, she got the fraudster to admit that it was all a scam — on video.

First she was put on hold “with the music just like you get from government lines” and the occasional message saying that the call was important to them and to stay on the line.

The fraudster then told her about the money she owed and the supposed laws she had broken. She pretended to not have any money. Eventually she started to cry and told the scammer her husband was already in jail for tax evasion. She hung up the phone.

In the video you can hear him say, “No need to cry, do not worry about anything because what I have told you is totally wrong, this is a scam and I was just trying to take money out of you, OK?”