Rich Kid Of Instagram Not As Rich As Digital Fantasy Suggests

A British teen whose internet fantasy life included a $3 million collection of luxury cars has admitted his lavish lifestyle was nothing but a social media fraud.

Jack Watkin, a 17-year-old “rich kid of Instagram”, conceded that he is not, in fact, a member of the “British Kardashians” as he had claimed, and in fact had used stock photographs to upholster his bogus image.

Watkin admitted to the Daily Mail that while his parents are reasonably well-to-do, they are not quite wealthy enough to own a private jet, which the teen had previously said “doesn’t just fly itself”.

Watkin’s claim that he owns a seven-strong fleet of wheels to rival that of Turki Bin Abdullah has also collapsed under closer scrutiny. Like most teens, Watkin borrows his mum’s car, which does happen to be a Porsche

“I can guarantee that he does not have all those things he claims. 99 percent of what he has said is not true,” one of Watkin’s “friends” told the Mail.