Puppy Takes Training Into His Own Hands By One-Upping His Clueless Owner

For anyone who has ever had a puppy, you know exactly how this goes. We are so proud to see all their milestones, and from that first day they make us proud in so many ways. Whether it’s when they learn basic commands, become mindful of those clumsy paws, or even when they just learn to take a chill pill for a second and not rip the house to shreds, we are over the moon because puppies are just awesome. (I mean, really, is there anything better?)

Well, the woman in this video is clearly very proud of her new puppy, 11-week-old Newfoundland, Samson. He’s a cute alright, fluffy like a grizzly bear and a chocolate little charmer with sparkling green eyes.

It seems that Samson loves to play with his toy, and he’s taken to “sit” with ease…with one hilarious exception…just wait till the 30 second mark.