Puck Drama Sends Little Girl On An Emotional Roller-Coaster At NHL Hockey Game

During warmups, ahead of Game Two of the Capitals first round matchup against the Blue Jackets, Brett Connolly spotted an enthusiastic — and completely adorable — fan banging on the glass, and decided to make her night extra special.

Connolly skated up and threw a puck over the glass. However, that puck never made it to her. It was caught by one of the adults standing behind her, and passed to an older boy to her right. The girl looked devastated.

Connolly wasn’t about to give up, and attempted to get a puck to her a second time… only to be thwarted by the same adult, who passed that puck to the other boy on her left.

Connolly banged on the glass, clearly disapproving of the move. He then skated away to pick up a third puck and, thankfully, this one made it to the girl, who was delighted.