Proof That Anyone Can Be A Hero, Even The World’s Biggest Asshole

We all make mistakes. But whatever your faults, you’re probably no Coleman F. Sweeney. He insults the elderly, disrespects women, hurts animals, and laughs at the disabled, and yet even he can manage to be a hero in the end.

That’s the message from charity Donate Life America in PSA campaign to raise awareness about the importance of being an organ donor.

Created by the Martin Agency, and directed by Speck and Gordon (Office Christmas Party, Blades of Glory, The Switch), “World’s Biggest Asshole” is narrated by Will Arnett, with Thomas Jane as Coleman F. Sweeney.

Donate Life America president and CEO David Fleming says this somewhat unconventional comedic approach is a result of seeing how incredibly difficult it is to stand out and get our attention, as well as target specific audiences, particularly those – young men – that historically don’t respond to standard marketing tactics.