This Is Probably The Last Thing You’d Expect To See During Winter In Detroit!

The snow storm that pummeled metro Detroit was no match for a low-rider that cruised down an area freeway — on three wheels.

A custom car shop owner who goes by the name Bill Robinson was driving his maroon, 1962 Chevrolet Impala hardtop on I-75 near I-94 when he decided to put on a show for all the commuters around him who were stuck in painfully slow traffic.

“I thought, ‘We’re going slow enough, we’re at an idle. … We’ll play just a little bit, try to make a smile on people’s faces,” said Robinson, who is also known by the nickname Eight Ball and declined to give his real name.

“We were getting thumbs ups and waves. Everybody was happy after that. The next few minutes of the ride were nice.”