Pranksters Create Fake Apple Store At Subway Station With 50 People Waiting In Line

The good-natured prankster group Improv Everywhere had some fun when they converted Manhattan’s 6-train glass elevator at 23rd street into a fake Apple store. They told people it was a pop up to replace the iconic glass Apple store which is closed for renovations until early 2018.

It was more like performance art than a prank, since the people in line were all in on it, making it a spectacle but not a harmful hoax for passersby.

Some innocent bystanders were interviewed by “reporters” who were in on the gag (and these bystanders did not like this pop up as much as the original glass Apple store), but if these people wanted to actually stand in line to wait for the new iPhone X – which were really just empty iPhone boxes – an Improv Everywhere crew member would tell them they only had enough phones for the 50 people already in line.

A few people insisted on standing in line anyway.