Pothole Filled With Coco Pops By ‘Council Worker’ Who Insists He’s Just ‘Following Orders’

A man who disguised himself as a council worker started filling up a pesky pothole with an unusual mixture: Coco Pops and milk.

A video of the prankster went viral when he told onlookers with a straight face that he was just “following orders” and that the cereal was a cheap filler alternative.

The video involves a bystander filming the hilarious scene and asking the worker questions as he pours the chocolate cereal and a large carton of milk into the hole.

The best part of the elaborate prank is the worker’s matter-of-fact demeanor as if it is just another day on the job.

At one point the foul-mouthed cameraman confronts the prankster, asking him what he’s up to.

When he insists he’s “fixing the potholes”, the man jokingly asks: “With f****** Coco Pops?”

The so-called ‘council worker’ insists: “There’s only £6million to fix the potholes so this is a cheaper alternative.”

When asked “You’re having a f****** laugh, aren’t you?”, the prankster remains completely straight faced, replying: “Look pal, you’re going to need to let me get on with my job.”

He grabs an eight-pint carton of milk and starts pouring it onto the cereal while adding: “I’m just following orders!”