Portable, Drought-Friendly Shower Recycles The Same Water For 2 Weeks

The average shower, even with a water-saving shower head, uses about two gallons of water every minute. All told, most people in the United States use somewhere around 80 gallons of water or more a day over the course of our daily routines, the U.S. Geological Survey says.

In a world where water is becoming more scarce, long showers are a luxury. But if you don’t mind showering in a portable tent with recycled water, a Japanese company called Hotaru can make your showers a little less guilt-inducing.

The invention provides 50 showers using just five gallons of water, and it doesn’t require any plumbing hook-ups. The water you use automatically gets purified—removing the ick-factor of showering in your recycled dirty water—and then run back through the shower head again.

The tent folds up into a container that will fit in the trunk of your car. You could install it on a construction site, or take it camping. Or, just stick it in your backyard.