Police Officer Yanks K9’s Chain After Search Of Car Finds Nothing

Disturbing video shows the moment an on-duty Florida officer viciously yanks on his K-9 partner’s leash.

The Wilton Manors K-9 officer was escorting the dog as it sniffed around a car pulled over for its tinted windows.

The owner of the car filmed the officer as he harshly pulled on the dog’s leash because it allegedly didn’t find anything suspicious with the vehicle.

‘This man followed me from Sunrise Blvd down powerline just to pull me over for a tint, so why you need to search my car and bring the dog out?? Then he get mad at the dog cause he ain’t find nothing!! Wilton Manners Police Department SMDH,’ Facebook user DaPastor Yoo wrote.

The officer in the video has since been reassigned from his K-9 duties as the video pends review by the Wilton Manors Police Department.

The department announced that dog is being medically assessed by a veterinarian.

‘Our agency is aware of a video involving one of our K-9 officers and his canine partner. Currently the canine partner is in the care of a veterinarian where a medical assessment is being conducted,’ the department said on Facebook.

‘Furthermore, our agency is conducting a full investigation into this matter and the Officer has been re-assigned from K-9 duties pending this review. As this is an active investigation our agency is unable to provide additional information at this time,’ it added.