Police Department Adopts Stray Dog In Loveable Rescue Story

It has all the makings of a Hollywood movie, but this story is as real as it gets. Ohio can’t seem to get enough of Kirtland Police Department and their newly adopted pooch JD as the tale of how this loveable pooch found his way into these officers’ lives continues to melt away the hearts of all that hear it.

The responsible officers at Kirtland Police Department found stray dog John Doe wandering their precinct and took him in with the intention of finding his owner. However the officers soon found themselves endeared to the stunning animal who fitted into the officers’ lives quickly and with enthusiasm.

Luckily for these police officers and JD no one came forward to claim John Doe, despite the police department’s social media campaign and some of the officers expressed a desire to keep JD around for good.

The officers took their case to their Chief and with his approval and the approval of their local mayor, JD became an honorary police dog at the Kirtland Police Department. Once they had gotten permission from their superiors they announced the newest member of their team.